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Pillar #1 Training

At High Performance Fitness, we pride ourselves on safe fun and effective workouts. We specialise in weight training to improve body composition and health.

Meaning you will become stronger, more flexible and a more toned version of yourself.

We offer both 1-1 and small group models allowing for personalisation at every level, you won't find large circuits or drill sergeants here, we value improving performance and measuring our progress along the way.

Pillar #2 Nutrition

Most people we speak to have done countless diets and failed at all of them, you see the problems not the diet, but rather their unsustainability, that's why each client works 1-1 with a coach at our facility in order to create a nutritional plan based around you and your lifestyle and not the other way around.

You won't find shakes, pills, potions nor quick fixes and carb reduction here. We like to fuel your body to perform, increasing recovery, building muscle and dropping body fat. You just don't do that by eating like a sparrow.

Come in for your initial week and we'll build out the entire plan for you together with foods you actually enjoy.

Pillar #3 Accountability

How many times have you started on a journey only to give up after a few weeks, months or even days.

They key ingredient to a successful transformation in our eyes is being held accounatble and committed to your actions or the things you said you were going to do.

Unlike most other centres we want to see you succeed, meaning if you don't show up, we actually call. On top of this we assess progress on a fortnightly basis to make sure you're actually tracking forward in the right direction.

High Performance Fitness - Abbotsford

9 Harper St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia